UK World Evangelism Trust (WET) – introduce to you some of the deprived people in our world. They are the street children of East Africa. Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but these children have no place to call their home…

…They beg for money, and scavenge through rubbish dumps for their daily needs.

They are the easy prey notorious gangs and drug dealers. Many of them are hooked on drugs;

Children under 10 years of age sniffing glue and other substances.

At UKWET, we are doing something about this. You can too.

Moved with compassion, UK World Evangelism Trust (UKWET), made a decision to help these children. We propose to build a hostel for the children in the city centres; first in Nairobi, Kenya and call it the BARAKA CHILDREN CENTRE. (Baraka is a Swahili word meaning Blessing.) At this hostel, we wish to rehabilitate these children, providing them with food, shelter, and care. We hope to be able to give them vocational training aimed at empowering them to work their way out of poverty.

As this first centre successfully grows, we will open centres in other countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Republic of Congo, and Malawi, covering East Africa.

Our Workers

Our dedicated workers meet lots of difficulties and even danger to their own lives as they work with these kids on the streets. When the children are under the influence of drugs, they have sometimes attacked our workers.

We are not put off because of the risk that comes with the job. We believe that the job of caring for the children in dire need is a task that must be done. We cannot do this job alone, this is why we need you.

The word of God says that you will be blessed if you help people in need like these poor children;

“Blessed is he that considers the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth:..”    —-Psalm 41:1, 2.—–




Could you love these children enough to give whatever you can to help them? just click on the support us button below and give as you are lead.

You can also help by:

Endorsing UK World Evangelism Trust appeal funds.
Direct involvement through volunteers who would like to be part of the project.
Any direct cash grant to help produce an album by a group of local musicians solely to help raise funds for this project.
Help us organise a concert in your local area to raise funds for this project. Our band will play.
Any charitable donations in cash or materials.

If you would like to give a cheque please send it in favour of UKWET to

2A Gosterwood Street,