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The School of Obedience (10 DVD Pack)

The School of Obedience (10 DVD Pack)


The School Of Obedience

The Supreme test of our faith in God is our obedience to His words, His commandment and His statutes. Hebrews 5:8 Jesus Christ Learnt Obedience by the things he suffered. We are perfected through our obedience in our walk and our relationship with God Almighty.

About the Author

Bishop Simon Iheanacho is the General Overseer and presiding Bishop of UK World Evangelism Trust. His anointed ministry is characterized by miraculous Power of the Holy Spirit with manifestations of deliverance, Healing, sign and wonders. Absolute Faith in God is Bishop Simon’s greatest convictions. His family and ministry headquarters is based in London, United Kingdom



DVD Titles

  1. Children of Obedience or Disobedience.
  2. Obedience, the test of true faith.
  3. Doers of the word.
  4. The Judgement of God.
  5. Obedience, the source of blessing and curses.
  6. The source of growth.
  7. Pressing to the goal of the high calling in Christ.
  8. The place of perfection.
  9. Passing through the school of offence to Obedience.
  10. Total Obedience to Gods Word.


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