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Sing Africa 1 CD

Sing Africa 1 CD




Track Titles.

  1. Chineke Idimma (Igbo).  God You Are Good.
  2.  Anaweza (Kiswahili).  He is able.
  3. Amawala Kuti Mbee (Chichewa).  Jesus is ever Shining.
  4.  Shangilia Yesu Anaweza (Kiswahaili).  Celebrate Jesus is able
  5. Atawale (Kiswahaili).  He is in control.
  6. Your Miracle is on the way.
  7. Tawala Maisha Yangu (Kiswahaili).  Lord uphold me.
  8. Nishike Mkono Bawana (Kiswahaili). Take control of my life.
  9. Ka pilate Juru Ibu Onye Eze (Igbo).  As Pilate asked Jesus are you King.
  10.  El-Shaddai.
  11. You are the Mighty God.
  12. Iam a Soldier


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