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Back to Pentecost (4 DVD SET)


Back to Pentecost (4 DVD SET)

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Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire….
                                    —Acts 2:3—
In this message Bishop Simon highlights that the need and the call for all present day believers to come back to pentecost, to receive the same experience and empowerment that the apostles received as they waited in one mind in the upper room, and was filled with the Holy Spirit, which enabled them to work for God very effectively. Bishop Simon points that this empowerment in very essential for this end time army that the lord is raising to bring in the harvest.


DVD Titles

1. Feast of Pentecost.
2. Back to Pentecost (Part 1).
3. Back to Pentecost (Part 2).
4. Back to Pentecost (Part 3).

Recover Conference.

By Bishop Iheanacho


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