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Dear Lord,

My two brothers (David and Devon) and my two Sisters (Judy and Cecelia) tricked my mum to sign over the family home to the 4 of them in 2012. (We three did not know anything about this).

My mummy past away in March 2014 they have kept the family home.....

My brothers and sisters are trying to cut us out of the money from the family home....... We have a meeting with our legal team on the 5 July 2017 to find out when this case will go to court so the judge will tell them to sell the house… please let the sale of it go quickly this year 2017......and that it is shared by the 7 children that my mum and dad had requested it for and the WILL and the other documents we have stands up in court in our favor (Ann, Colin, & Pat).

We are going to court......over Money!!! Pray that their GREED do not colour judgment.

If the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, how much more is the heart of the judge, the prosecutor, the lawyers, and the witnesses, everyone who is involved in this legal case? Like a river of water, turn their hearts in my favor, in Jesus’ Name!


Received: May 23, 2017

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